Cortana Analytics Gallery gains popularity

Staff Writer

In this ever growing data and technology age, companies are constantly forced to find ways to make massive amounts of data usable. From the number of views on a website to what consumers are saying about their products, companies have to find solutions to manage this big data. Cortana Analytics Gallery, formerly known as Azure Machine Learning Gallery, is Microsoft’s contribution to the issue. The Cortana Analytics Gallery is a community affair that allows scientists and developers to share best practices with other members who use the Cortana Analytics Suite.  This community of data crunchers are able to share “end-to-end solutions, methodology examples and customized walkthroughs”, according to the ML Blog Team, helping users mine usable and actionable information from big data.
The program launched in February 2015 and since then there are have been 886 contributions, and over 2 million page views for the site. Since its launch, Microsoft has seen rapid growth in the community and their contributions to making data usable. CEO Raja Iqbal, of Data Science Dojo, is one of such contributors. Along with educating thousands of data scientists, Raja and his team have submitted their own tutorials and guides helping educate newcomers on building predictive models using Cortana Analytics Gallery.

Data Science Dojo is unique in the sense that we offer both data science training workshops and also build data science solutions for our customers. Being primarily a data science training company, we felt the need for having a ‘Hello World’ type of example for predictive modeling to be available for aspiring data scientists out there. We released the Titanic experiment along with a companion blog and demo to ensure that absolute beginners can get started with building a predictive model using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Contributing to the gallery is fairly simply and can be done from Microsoft Azure’s webpage. Through the community, users are not only able to discover and learn new ways to make data useful, they can also collaborate and network with other professionals, sharing insight and providing feedback on submissions within the gallery.
If you are an owner of a business, small or large, managing big data is crucial to surviving in this digital world. Let us know if you have, or are interested in being a part of the Cortana Analytics Gallery in the comments below.