Corsair's Bulldog barebones PC now production ready, coming Q1 2016

Michael Cottuli

Since we got SteamOS, the idea of machines being sold for the specific purpose of running PC games has been one that’s popped up a few times. Corsair’s Bulldog seems to be like it will be a front runner for those looking for an unofficial “Steam Machine,” offering the sort of customization that PC gamers appreciate for a fair price, and the accessibility newcomers to the PC platform of gaming might appreciate in an entry level machine.
The Bulldog is a stylish machine fit with liquid cooling, an optional Intel Z170 motherboard, and an option to pick up either the Bulldog-ready graphics card from Corsair, or use a Corsair adapter to fit your own graphics card for a more personalized experience.
The Bulldog looks like it could be a great option for those who were curious about building a PC gaming machine but are concerned about starting from scatch. When the machine comes out in Q1 2016, customers will receive the PC which at minimum, includes the case, a 600W power supply, and a cooling solution for the CPU. Customers will need to add in their own motherboard, processor, memory, graphics, and hard drives. The Bulldog starts at $299, while a build that includes the Skylake-ready motherboard starts at $399. Additionally, a fully-built model will also be available from Corsair with the complete specs and price to be determined at a later date.

For PC gamers who already have a machine they’re comfortable with (the vast majority of PC gamers,) there’s still something you may be interested in. Corsair is offering the “Lapdog,” a keyboard that maximizes comfort for the PC gamer who likes to hook their rig up to a television. Coming with a curved bottom built to conform to your legs, the Lapdog has a keyboard, a mouse pad, several USB ports built for fast charging, and a hidden compartment to store cables. If you already have a keyboard you like, you can pick up the standalone (without keyboard built in) for $89, instead of the standard $199.