Corridor Digital uses Microsoft Surface Book to create visual storyboards

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 hardware, specifically the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, have been quite the hit with creative professionals of all kinds. Whether it’s making music, designing interiors, creating art, or shooting video, creative types seem to love the combination of power, inking, and portability that Microsoft is pushing out.
Recently, Corridor Digital, a freelance video effects (VFX) firm specializing in “epic action heavy short-form VFX YouTube videos,” was featured in a Microsoft promo highlighting the VFX firm’s use of the Surface Book in creating visual storyboards. It’s an intriguing piece:
Framing shots and planning the video with the Surface Book seems to have done the trick because check out the result:

Funny stuff. And, yes, this was a Microsoft Surface-sponsored piece, as part of the #DoGreatThings project.
For Windows users, it should be exciting to see Microsoft continue to make inroads into creative markets with the Surface line, as a result, offering more options for various computing needs. As the market for mobile computing expands, we can only imagine Microsoft and its Surface line are beginning to put a small dent in Apple’s iPad former Teflon-like mindshare among creative types.