Controversy erupts as Microsoft renames Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID

Devesh Beri

Renames Azure Ad To Microsoft Entra Id

Microsoft’s recent announcement regarding renaming Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID has sparked a wave of discontent among users. The decision, made as part of Microsoft’s commitment to simplifying secure access experiences, has faced criticism for various reasons.

The new name, Microsoft Entra ID, is seen by many as unfamiliar and less recognizable than the well-established Azure AD. Users are concerned that this change could lead to confusion and hinder the seamless adoption of the product. Additionally, the new name is being criticized for its lack of simplicity, making it difficult to remember and pronounce; it’s like they’re trying to make us “enter ID,” and not everyone is on board with that.

Another point of contention according to the feedback is that the name does not accurately reflect the core functionality of Azure AD, which has been relied upon for directory-based identity management in enterprises for nearly three decades. The abrupt nature of the announcement, catching users off guard, has also contributed to the frustration surrounding the renaming.

Reaction on the Microsoft blog post announcing the change has been largely negative:

Oh no, please, not another renaming! We do have more important things to do! Think of all the documentations, the service user names that include AAD, and so on! What a waste of time 🙁

The backlash continued on Reddit, where users shared their dissatisfaction with the new name and voiced concerns about its potential impact on productivity and user experience. One of the comments was

by u/daninthemix from discussion Azure AD renamed to Microsoft Entra ID

As the controversy unfolds, only time will tell whether users will embrace the rebranding of Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID. However, the sudden name change has caused confusion and frustration among many of the user base.