Continuum hub appears on UK retailers' website

Sean Michael

Lumia Continuum

With Microsoft’s October 6th event fast approaching there are leaks a plenty swirling around. The latest involves their upcoming Continuum hub appearing on a retailer’s website before the official announcement of the device. Surprisingly, the device can still be found on the website despite WMPowerUser pointing it out.
The description of the Continuum hub on, which is sometimes referred to as a dock though you don’t physically dock your phone into it, states “Attach your Windows 10 Mobile device to your television or monitor to experience a Windows-like desktop computer experience, using a USB keyboard and a mouse so you can use your phone for the ultimate productivity experience.” The page then continues to describe how the dock turns your Windows Mobile device into a desktop computer. That may be a stretch but Continuum does provide desktop-like experience for your phone’s OS.
Continuum allows you to connect your phone wirelessly via Miracast or wired through a hub to a monitor for a desktop-like experience. There’s a Start Menu, apps that are scaled appropriately to the new screen size and impressively does all this without taking up your phone’s screen. Users can have one thing running on their phone while having another on a monitor through Continuum. The hub provides users the ability to attach USB devices such as mice and keyboards. Reports from earlier this month indicate that the hub will have 3x USB ports, one for HDMI, and one for a DisplayPort connection.
There’s no price listed for the device but otherwise it is a fairly full listing. The page has multiple photos of Continuum functionality, though the device itself is not shown. It even lists the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, two of the very few known devices to support Continuum, under the “related categories” tab though those links don’t take you to pages for the individual devices.
With the Microsoft hardware event happening next week all of these reports will be confirmed, corrected, or clarified very soon.