Want to use Apple Continuity Camera on Windows? FineCam lets you do it

Arif Bacchus

One of the signature features of macOS Ventura is the Continuity Camera feature. This lets you use an iPhone as a webcam on any modern Mac, as long as it runs iOS 16, and macOS Ventura. Well, there’s actually FineCam, a third-party app that lets you do the same on Windows, with some additional features and lesser hardware limits.

Similar to Continuity Camera, FineCam works with your iPhone’s webcam without wires via Wi-Fi, or also via USB, if you prefer. However, the difference is that you’ll need to download an app on your PC, as well as your iPhone for it to work. Another difference? FineCam works with all iPhones that run iOS 13 and above. There’s a free version, but it is intended as a paid service, and you need to pay either $6.90 a month, $30 a year, or $60 for a lifetime plan for premium features.

What else does FineCam offer? As part of premium features, you can add text to your webcam feed, put your iPhone’s front and rear webcams in one window, add branding, unlock 4K resolution, customize the away screen, and create video scenes. These are some things that Apple Continuity doesn’t offer natively.

FineCam is just one way to use your iPhone as a webcam on your PC. Other apps include Camo, as well as Droid Cam. All of these apps work with Teams, Zoom, Windows Camera, and various other communication apps, letting you unlock your iPhone’s potential.