Consumer products giant Kimberly-Clark has embraced Windows 10 as a service concept

Kit McDonald

One of the leading enterprises in personal healthcare products, Kimberly-Clark has made the transition over to Windows 10 as a service. According to a feature Business story from Microsoft, the business decided to switch due to their increasingly inefficient ways to deploy software.

“We used a deployment process that relied on custom applications and a lot of manual work,” reads the story as it quotes Dorothy Stephenson, Director of IT Client Services for Kimberly-Clark. It goes on to tell us that the company’s transition to Windows 10 as a service model has cut their originally eight-week long process into only two weeks. That’s to keep all of the devices in their offices and factories up to date with the latest software.

The personal healthcare company is also taking other initiatives towards providing their employees with a more versatile workspace. Engineers are getting their hands on the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and Microsoft Surface Pro to be able to switch from taking videos to using them as clipboards on the fly.

With over 48,000 employees across 170 countries, Kimberly-Clark isn’t the first large company to change over to Windows 10. Many other businesses have found Microsoft’s service to be more time efficient and cost effective than their previous methods.