ComScore: Windows Phone sees declining market share, Android still number one


According to new data from ComScore, which gathers data on the state of the mobile market in the United States based on active users, Apple’s iOS is climbing in share while Google’s Android is still number one but with a slight increase in share.

However, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continues to see a decline with -0.1 drop in share from the month of March to the month of June 2012. RIM also sees a significant drop in market share from a 12.3% market share to a 10.7% share. Android remains at the top but Apple is catching up pretty fast. It is suriprising that Android hasnt received a drastic increase in share considering that Google only recently launched the “Ice Cream Sandwich” update to some of its phones as well as the new “Jellybean” update to its tablets. Microsoft, on the other hand, is betting big with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform, but has invested so much in Windows Phone 7.5 to only see such a slight decrease in market share (at least according to ComScore).