ComScore: Windows Phone keeps dropping in market share, Android still number one


According to new data from ComScore, which gathers data on the state of the mobile market in the United States based on active users, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is dropping in market share while Google’s Android is still number one with a slight increase in share.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continues to see a drop in market share with a 3.6% share as of August 2012 coming from a 4.0% share in May of 2012. RIM also sees a drop with a 8.3% market share, down from 11.4%. Apple, however, went up 2.4% and is now at 34.3% market share as of August 2012. However, Google’s Android continues to dominate the mobile market space with a 52.6% share. Microsoft is still betting big with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system in hopes to turn this downward trend upside down. Only time will tell. To give you an idea of the changes in market share in just a two month period, take a look at the chart below (from two months ago):

screen shot 2012 08 01 at 15 56 01