Companion and Settings apps arrive for Windows 10 Lenovo devices

Staff Writer

Lenovo Windows 10

If you own a Lenovo device and plan to upgrade it to Windows 10, then Lenovo has you covered with two new apps to ease the transition. Lenovo has been working with Microsoft to develop Companion and Settings apps that will be bundled with the download of Windows 10 on Lenovo devices. These apps will also be pre-installed on new Windows 10 Lenovo devices.

Companion App

The Lenovo Companion app allows customers to monitor and enhance the performance of their Lenovo device as well as check out support documentation all in the one place. Customers have already been downloading the app from the Windows Store and have given it an average of three stars. Meanwhile the Lenovo Settings app is a centralized place to find all the device settings such as display, camera, WiFi, etc. Think of it as Lenovo’s version of the Control Panel and it also gets three stars from users in the Windows Store.

Settings App

These apps contain many if not all of the functionality that exists in Windows 10 already so the question could be asked; do they add value or are they simply bloat ware? Either way, at least they’re not more Lenovo adware and are apps that can be easily uninstalled should the user decide they don’t require them.