Command Prompt gets welcome improvements in Windows 10

Fahad Al-Riyami

Command Prompt gets welcome improvements in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows announcement is underway and Windows 10 is being unveiled. Out of some of the more exciting features unveiled, Microsoft proceeded to demo a feature that doesn’t usually get any attention during events like these; the good ‘ol Windows Command Prompt!

First and foremost, you can now paste directories right into the Command Prompt using the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut, it’s about time this nifty little feature was added. While this is as far as Microsoft went during the demo, we do know a little more thanks to Rafael Rivera who managed to get a hold what is seemingly the Technical Preview of Windows 10.

The new features added to the Command Prompt are labeled as “experimental” currently indicating that they may or not be part of the final release. User feedback will likely be what determines that. Some of these experimental features include Line Wrapping Selection, allowing you to easily select multiple lines of text in the editor; auto text editing when pasting that will remove added tabs and replace unrecognized fancy quotation marks into the straighter, recognized ones; text wrapping upon resizing the Command Prompt window; and the ability to adjust the opacity of the window among other features. You can read more about the new experimental features using the source link below.

Microsoft seems to be pushing Windows 10 towards the enterprise hard, and bringing their operating system back to its Windows 7 roots with powerful new features for mouse and keyboard users. While the company is sticking to their Modern UI design language, and touch support will still be there, mouse and keyboard users will no longer feel like second class citizens when Windows 10 finally launches.

Stay tuned for more news for the Windows 10 announcement as we bring it to you live, more to come!

Image Credit: The Verge