ComiXology shutting down Windows 8 app, focusing on web experience

Vu Anh Nguyen

Comics app

In an email being sent to its users yesterday, ComiXology, the subsidiary and cloud-based digital comics platform offering comics online from over 75 publishers, announced the closure of its Windows 8 app, to focus on their web experience.
Specifically, ComiXology cited their decision to focus development effort on the web experience, and a new release for the web with library management enhancement on browsers, as reasons for removing the Windows 8 app. The company also hands out an eGift card of $5 as apology and to help “ease the transition,”while cheekily reminding users to use their Fire tablet, Android and iOS apps “as always.” Here’s the email:

Dear fellow comics fan,
We are writing to you because you have used our ComiXology for Windows 8 app in the past.
We recently decided to focus our development efforts on delivering a great web experience, announcing a release that includes enhanced library management using your browser and, as a result, we wanted to let you know that we have removed our Windows 8 app from download and will be retiring it. You’ll still be able to download and read inside of your Windows app through the end of the year After that date, on Windows OS devices, you’ll be able to download and read your comics through our web experience at, or, as always, through our apps for Fire Tablet, Android and iOS devices.
To help ease the transition, we’ve added a $5 comiXology eGift card credit* to your account. You don’t have to do anything for this, just shop for you favorite comic, graphic novel or manga.
– Your friends at comiXology

Thanks CJ  for the tip!