Come try out the Microsoft Sway preview! (limited time offer)

Staff Writer

Come try out the Microsoft Sway preview(limited time offer)!

Microsoft recently announced Sway(.com), a new online web app. However, it is in private beta and you have to sign up for an invite if you wish to partake. Also, the waiting list is quite long, so if you did sign up, you could’ve been like me and not gotten an invite so far. If you are still looking for an in invite, the Sway team is allowing you to sign up by simply visit the link on this tweet: 

If you are unfamiliar with Sway, it “is an app for expressing your ideas in an entirely new way, across your devices.” It really is very simple, and you can include a variety of media types into sway; it handles the formatting for you, so you just focus on the content. In only a couple minutes, I was able to test out the template by inputting images from my OneDrive, and viewing a preview. You can embed your ‘Sway’ in websites, or share it across social media knowing your audience will be able to see the content on the web across all device form factors. You can read our full coverage on Sway here.  

If, by the time you saw this, the invite is gone, just sign up for an invite and wait, the team does send them out regularly. I only wish they had allowed those of us with access to send out limited number of invites to friends, so that the ones most excited could access the product.