Comcast to drop XFINITY Xbox 360 app September 1st

Kellogg Brengel

Xbox 360 console

Comcast is removing their XFINITY app from Xbox 360 on September 1st, leaving console owners without a way to view Comcast’s on demand TV and Movie service on Xbox consoles. Window Central reported the news earlier today with an official, yet vague, response from Comcast’s twitter support feed.

Comcast’s response says there will be new updates and improvements for the service’s online experience, but does not go so far as to say there will be a new app or service for either Xbox One or Xbox 360 anytime soon, or ever.
If the removal of the Xbox 360 app was entirely due to making way for improvements, then it is possible this could be in reference to preparations for Comcast’s new over-the-top TV service Stream for XFINITY, which has yet to be released. On Comcast’s website, Stream from XFINITY promises a combination of Live TV from local networks, a cloud based DVR, access to premium channels like HBO, on-demand viewing for TV shows, as well as movies.
But as many proposed over-the-top streaming TV services are still either rumored or not officially released, it is impossible to say what this means for Xbox 360 owners and XFNITY users who may soon be left in the dark by Comcast.