Collaboration app Slack released as a beta on Windows

Sean Cameron


A new and popular collaboration app, Slack, is now available for Windows in beta form. Allowing teams to quickly share information and images with one another, no matter their physical location, this app is part of a new breed of corporate instant messaging software, such as Atlassian Hipchat, that is revolutionizing the ways in which employees communicate. Faster and more informal than email, cheaper and less dependent on time and place than a phone call, this software has brought big changes for many.

Of course now, with the Windows beta having been released, those with a Windows PC and an account can now send messages and information to one another with ease. Currently the software is for desktop only, with no information if or when the program will spread to the rest of the Windows ecosystem, though an app for Windows Phone is reportedly ‘in development’. Also, as the program is a beta, expect bug and problems, along with fixes, for the foreseeable future. This is a work in progress and its functionality and appearance will reflect this fact until the final build is released.

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