Cognac maker Rémy Martin launches “Rooted in Exception,” a HoloLens Mixed Reality experience

Laurent Giret

Since Microsoft started shipping its HoloLens to developers and companies last year, we’ve seen the mixed reality headset being used for various use cases such as games, art shows, surgery, space engineering and more. For now, few companies seems to be interested in creating mixed reality experiences for consumers, though that could well change when the retail sector starts to embrace the new technology in a meaningful way.

This is what luxury Cognac brand Rémy Martin wants to do, as the company announced today the “very first HoloLens experience that is designed for consumers around the world.” The French producer of premium spirits has partnered with HoloLens development studio Kazendi to create “Rooted in Exception,” an immersive mixed reality experience that will let consumers discover what makes the Cognac brand so unique.

The company shared the following details in the press release:

The user is invited to approach a three-dimensional table on which the HoloLens projects elements of Cognac Grande Champagne and Cognac Petite Champagne vineyards. These two regions, of the six, make up the heart of the Cognac region, Fine Champagne. The mixed reality experience is also accompanied by the voice of Baptiste Loiseau, the Cellar Master of the House of Rémy Martin, where he explains the importance of the terroir in the Fine Champagne region.

“To us, Mixed Reality provides an amazing medium for storytelling,” explained Augustin Depardon, Global Executive Director of Rémy Martin. “It allows us to reveal our roots, our chalky soil, and our exception by virtually showing it raise from the ground for consumers to see,” he added. “Microsoft’s HoloLens technology came naturally as an immediate innovation answer to sharing these moments in an emerging social space.”

The “Rooted In Exception” mixed reality experience will be first seen by attendees at a private Rémy Martin party in Los Angeles on June 15, and it will roll out soon to the company’s luxury retail stores and events worldwide.