Co-Founder of Yammer, Adam Pisoni, leaves Microsoft to start new business

Sean Cameron


In the last few years, as workplaces around the world have become more digitized, Yammer has become increasingly ubiquitous. Bought by Microsoft in 2013, the service acts a little like Facebook, but with a purely corporate focus. Allowing employees to communicate easily with one another, Yammer has enjoyed considerable success in its time with Redmond.

For one man however, that time is now at an end. Co-founder of Yammer, Adam Pisoni, is to leave Microsoft with the intent of founding his own company. Called ‘’, this new effort promotes a model of management for firms called a ‘halocracy’, which is for all intents and purposes a new-age reworking of a meritocracy. Designed to ensure that jobs are completed by those best suited to them, this model is meant to eliminate the traditional inefficiencies of normal corporate management. Already used by the likes of Google and Facebook, this is an attempt to bring a Silicon Valley mindset to the masses.


Before he left however, Pisoni had a few kind words for Satya Nadella,

“I’m a huge Satya fan, he really gets it. But the lesson to be learned is even when the CEO gets it, there’s a lot more work to be done to transform the organization. They’re doing a lot of the right things. Some will work out, some won’t. The underlying issue is how quickly they can become more adaptive.”

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