CNN shutting down its Windows Phone app on July 18

Kareem Anderson

Remember the CNN app developed for Windows Phone? Well, for those who do and are still actively using it, there is a bit of bad news coming down the pipeline. It seems as though development of the app may have ceased in 2012, the support for the service and app are officially being canceled as of July 18th for users.

A tipster over at Windows Central has confirmed what many users of the CNN app have been speculating over the past few weeks, as the app has seemingly disappeared from the Windows Store search, that use of the app today brings up a retirement message for the app.

This application will be retired on Monday, July 18th

Thank you for being a loyal CNN user.

This application will be retired on Monday, July 18th.

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The extent of CNN’s mobile app retirement seems to be relegated to only the smartphone for now as the users can still download the antiquated looking tableted or Windows PC version. As typically noted, Windows phone users can head to the mobile site, which arguably, offers a much better reading experience than the out of date app on phones.