Microsoft announces CloudKnox Permissions Management in preview

Arif Bacchus


You might remember Microsoft’s July 2021 acquisition of CloudKnox Security, and today, we’re finally seeing one of the long-term fruits of the deal.

Indeed, Microsoft just announced CloudKnox Permissions Management, a solution that helps businesses manage permissions of any identity across any cloud. As a cloud infrastructure entitlements management, CIEM for short, CloudKnox Permissions Management is a unique and unified solution. At its core, it’s designed to eliminate the lack of visibility into cloud identities and permission creeps that comes with an organization that might be using multiple clouds. Here’s more on how.

  • CloudKnox Permissions Management offers detailed visibility into all identities and their permissions granted and permissions used, across your cloud infrastructure, so you can uncover any action performed by any identity on any resource
  • CloudKnox Permissions Management allows you to right-size excessive permissions and automate least privilege policy enforcement.
  • For any break glass or one-off scenarios where an identity needs to perform a certain set of actions on a set of specific resources, the identity can request those permissions on-demand for a limited period
  • Machine learning-powered anomaly and outlier detection alerts will notify you in case of suspicious activity.

Anyone interested in a public preview can sign up over on Microsoft’s website. Microsoft will also be detailing CloudKnox Permissions Management a bit more during its “What’s Next Security” even on February 24. There, you’ll hear how customers are enjoying this solution.