Cloud monitoring company Datadog now supports Azure Resource Manager

Kit McDonald

Datadog’s booth at the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week is buzzing with their latest announcement. The cloud monitoring service decided to follow the growing trend of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and extend support to the recently released Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

With the “Cloud first, Mobile first” strategy, Microsoft is seeing major growth in the Infrastructure as a Service market. In fact, Azure cloud providers are creeping up on Amazon Web Services, according to Morgan Stanley’s 2016 CIO survey. It’s even possible that Azure could overthrow AWS within the next three years.


The goal for supporting ARM through Datadog is to provide larger enterprises with the essential information they need. The manager shows off graphics and stats for the application’s cloud usage, CPU, storage, network use, and more.

Chief Product Officer of Datadog, Amit Agarwal shared with BusinessWire:

“We make it a top priority to build out integrations for new services from major cloud platforms as they are released. By utilizing Datadog, enterprise customers are now able to effectively manage the performance of their large scale Microsoft Azure-hosted applications.”

With a number of other Microsoft integrations already notched on their belt, it’s no surprise that the Azure Resource Manager is a welcome addition. With a list of hardware and middleware capabilities, the monitoring service is a key tool for cloud-savvy businesses that want to make the most of Azure services and applications.

Datadog is not limited to Microsoft only but includes integration with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. In an interview with GeekWire, they showed clear trust and support in Microsoft’s decisions to integrate the ARM instead of the already existing ‘classic’ APIs. Daniel Langer, Datadog product manager, said: “Microsoft feels Resource Manager is a better way to build and control cloud apps, and we’re catering to that.”

The subscription of $15 encompasses all of these features for each host. For more information on Datadog, visit their official website.