Closing apps completely in Windows 8.1 requires you to drag and hold


Windows 8.1

If you have the new Windows 8.1 Preview installed and you have been trying to close a modern/metro app by dragging the app to the bottom of the screen, you most likely noticed that the app may still be running in the Task Manager. Microsoft has implemented a new yet still similar way to close the app completely.

In order to close an app in Windows 8.1 Preview, simply drag the app to the bottom of the screen (just like how you do it in Windows 8) and simply hold the app there for a second until the app tile changes to it’s own logo. Now the app will close completely and eventually the process will disappear from the Task Manager within a few seconds. You can still close apps the old way by simply dragging them to the bottom of the screen but the app may still appear in the task manager.

Memory consumption is a big issue these days so this process is important for those of you who do not want an app to eat up your resources unnecessarily. So there you have it. Try out this new method to close apps in Windows 8.1 and let us know in the comments below if you encounter any issues.