A closer look at the Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Microsoft Edge

Arif Bacchus

It has been a big day for Windows 10 news, as Microsoft just announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be dropping on August 2nd.  Along with the Anniversary Update, however, will come many improvements to Microsoft’s latest Internet browser, Microsoft Edge. Here is a look at some of the improvements which will soon be heading to your Edge browser.

Increased Power Efficiency:

In the Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge will use fewer CPU cycles, and consume less memory. Together, Microsoft claims that this will minimize the impact of background activity and peripheral content.

You will soon have more battery power

Add-Ins and Extensions:

Many Edge extensions, including Pinterest Amazon Assistant, Ad Block and Ad Block Plus, will be available in the Windows 10 Store with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. These new extensions will help make your browsing experience more convenient, and more personal.

Adblock Edge Extension
Adblock Edge Extension

More Accessibility:

Edge supports the standards of the modern web, such as HTML5, CSS3, and ARIA. Thanks to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the structure of pages will become more clear thanks to new assistive technology. Microsoft is also noting that with the Anniversary Update, the visual presentation of web pages in high contrast mode will be greatly improved to provide additional visual context, while preserving text contrast. Lastly, form entry when using keyboard navigation and screen readers will improve in the Anniversary update making the browsing experience for people of all abilities better.

Accessibility Center in Windows 10
Accessibility Center in Windows 10

Well, there you have it. Those are some of the features which will be coming to Edge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. What are your thoughts on these features? Are you excited to get them? Are you an avid user of Edge? Let us know your answers to these questions, and what you think by dropping us a comment below.