A closer look at the Settings App on Windows 10 build 14361

Michael Cottuli

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

The Settings app has changed a bit in build 14361. While it hasn’t been a huge shift (there’s only so much you can change in a Settings app, after all) you’re definitely going to notice a difference.


The app’s changes mostly ended up boiling down to visual tweaks. Based on feedback from insiders, Microsoft has decided to switch up the color scheme of the settings app based on whether you’re on light or dark mode.

As you might imagine, light mode now has your navigation pane be white, while dark mode sets you up with a black navigation pane. On top of that, you’re going to notice some a block of color identifying which tab of the settings menu that you’re on, matching up with the accent color you have in Windows 10. Toss in an increase to the font size of some of the page titles, and you’ve got a much nicer user experience lined up.

The changes are live in build 14361 right now, so if you want to check them out all you need to do is download the update.