Closed Beta for collectible card game Fable Fortune opens next week

Laurent Giret

Following the cancellation of Fable Legends last year and the subsequent closure of Lionhead Studios, many wondered if a new Fable game could ever see the light of day. As it turned out, several ex-Lionhead employees regrouped to create Flaming Fowl Studios, with the intent to to keep working on another Fable game that was in Lionhead Studios’ pipeline for 18 months before the studio’s closure.

This game is Fable Fortune, a digital card game which is being developed with the help of Mediatonic Games. Yesterday, Flaming Fowl Studios announced that a closed beta will be available next week for through Steam:

Not much is known about the collectible card game yet, expect that it will feature a classic PvP mode, a co-op mode as well as an alignment mechanic that was one of the highlights from the Fable series. The game studio also published the following trailer a couple of months ago:

If you’re interested in getting early access to the game, you can request a closed beta key on the official website and the first wave of invites will be sent out next week. “It is very much still in active development so there may be bugs or balance tweaks along the way. You can help us refine the experience by sharing any discoveries with us on the Steam forums,” explained the developers.

While Fable Fortune will be a free-to-play, the game will also launch on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in Q2 2017 for those of you who willing to buy the Founder’s Pack. “Purchase of this Founder’s pack will grant players access to the game along with a super generous supply of card packs and an exclusive Trophy card! This pack will also be available for purchase by existing Closed Beta players,” added the team. The developers will share more details about the game in the coming weeks, let us know in the comments if you’re interested in trying the closed beta.