Click to Call for Skype will call from your mobile device

Kip Kniskern

Skype Click to Call

Skype’s Click to Call feature allows you to make a call from your Skype desktop client from a phone number highlighted in your browser, but maybe you’d rather make that call from your mobile device. Now, if you’re on Android, you can do just that. Using the Skype desktop client, you will see highlighted phone numbers in your browser, and can call them, or save the numbers to call later, directly to your phone, just by clicking on “Call from Mobile” from within your browser.

Skype click to call screenshot

Of course you’ll need both Skype desktop client, and Skype for Android installed, but after that, you’ll be able to make or save calls from mobile. Calls marked as “free” will continue to be free whether you make the call from the desktop or from your phone, but otherwise you will be charged Skype rates for the call.