Classic Start Menu makes a comeback for Windows 8 with 3rd party software


The makers of ViStart, a program that brings the Windows 7 and Windows Vista start menus to those with Windows XP or those that don’t have aero-capable graphics card has updated their program to bring the classic start menu to Windows 8.

LeeSoft has updated their famous program, ViStart, that used to work on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, to now work in Windows 8. Many were disappointed in the removal of the start button and start menu, but unlike other programs that just give you the start button, like Start8, this program opens up the classic start menu.

Windows 8’s start button removal made it impossible for the older version of ViStart to work because the start button would overlap the first tile on the taskbar. The newest version fixes that issue to allow users to swtich from the start screen to the start menu.

The makers have been working hard “over the last few days” in order to make it more compatible, and because “ViStart is the only software that actually restores a replica of the windows start menu on Windows 8,” it gives users the alternative that Microsoft never gave in the consumer preview.

The program can be downloaded by clicking here