Citicus welcomes Regency IT Consulting as a new implementation partner


UK-based Citicus Limited has entered into a partnership agreement with Regency IT Consulting to help public and private sector clients in the UK and elsewhere to measure and manage information risk using our award-winning Citicus ONE risk management software.

Announcing the partnership, Marco Kapp, co-founder of Citicus Limited says:

“Regency IT Consulting has a distinguished track record of providing information security advice and assistance throughout central government and its agencies (including defence and security organisations) as well as to high-profile private sector companies whose activities demand the highest level of assurance. Regency believes that making use of tools such as Citicus ONE will enable them to fulfil this role still more efficiently and effectively.”

“By combining the power and flexibility of Citicus ONE with the expertise of Regency’s very experienced team of consultants and accreditors, we can help customers set up highly efficient risk programmes which become part of the fabric of their organisations. This approach promotes a culture of risk and security awareness within the organisation, where information assurance is seen very much as ‘Business as Usual’, rather than being a bolt-on optional extra.”

“Our two companies’ respective experience of providing managed services also equips us to take full responsibility for running individual risk/security programmes, if requested.”

“We see this new partnership with Regency IT Consulting as a key enhancement of our ability to deliver ground-breaking risk solutions around the world, powered by our industry-leading Citicus ONE risk and compliance management software.”

Andrew Beckett, Managing Director of Regency IT Consulting adds:

“All of us here at Regency have been impressed by the ability of Citicus to deliver a highly efficient, systematic approach to risk management which treads lightly on individual organisations and can be tailored to fit each customer’s precise compliance requirements. In today’s economic climate, these qualities are essential.”

“Citicus ONE comes pre-loaded with all the most widely-used standards and frameworks that are generally regarded as representing best practice in information assurance. These include ISO/IEC 270001:2005, COBIT, ISF Standard of Practice and PCI/DSS. What’s more, the system can be easily configured to measure risk and compliance in other important areas, such as SCADA, or to assess compliance with the UK Government’s Security Policy Framework and its subsidiary standards and guidance documents.”

“The reporting capabilities of Citicus ONE are also outstanding, including its ability to track remediation activity through to completion. In our experience, this is an area which many organisations often fail to address properly and the ready availability of readable, well-formatted reports will save them a lot of effort. Citicus ONE software can also be deployed on any scale, which allows us to offer a flexible pricing policy.”

“Regency IT Consulting is very much looking forward to working with Citicus in building the security and risk management systems that are urgently needed to defend against the cyber threat, which the UK government has recently placed right at the heart of the national security strategy. We believe that the expertise of our consultants will add real value to what is already an excellent product.”