Chromium Edge stable saves old Edge set aside tabs as Favorites

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser is set to become available early next year, and while the company has been working tirelessly on its new overhauled browser, many features from the classic browser, such as set aside tabs, Inking, and Cortana integration will be absent. As to how the company planned to handle tabs set aside in the legacy version of Edge when the new browser officially takes over has remained a mystery, however Techdows reports that it will save them as Favorites for users to open later.

Users on the stable version of the new Edge should be able to access these saved tabs by right-clicking on the browser tab and clicking “Find tabs you’ve set aside in Favorites”. These tabs will be saved into a dedicated folder, with subfolders for each of the groups of tabs that have been set aside.

Microsoft has remain mostly quiet in regards to certain legacy features such as set aside tabs, but has pointed out that it’s looking into incorporating it in the future. For now, though, users can organize various groups of webpages into an experimental feature called “Collections”.

Microsoft’s new Edge overhaul is expected to be generally available beginning on January 15. The browser will initially be missing various features such as history syncing and ARM64 support, although those are expected to be added at a later date. The release candidate of the new Edge can also be downloaded in the Beta channel, but the Set Aside to Favorites feature is only available in the leaked stable release, not in beta.

What do you think of the absence of set aside tabs in the new Edge? Is this something you can live without, or should the company focus its resources into bringing it as soon as possible?