Chrome Web Store no longer needs Google account for free apps or extensions

Staff Writer

Chrome Web Store

Do you like Chrome or want to try it out, but don’t want to tie your browser to a Google account? Well, now you can finally install (free) apps and extensions without a Google account.

Paid apps and extensions will, obviously, still need a Google account to purchase and install.

Extensions and apps are one of the more standout features of Chrome, and this will surely make Chrome more attractive to users that don’t have Google accounts, or are using Chrome at a location where signing into Chrome is not practical.

Recently, Google seems to be trying to make their services less tied to either a Google account or G+ accounts.

However, If you don’t mind a Google account, there are advantages of logging into Chrome. The main one is that your apps will sync, and if you sign into another browser you won’t have to manually install each app again. If other people use your computer, there is an account manager in the chrome://flags section that lets you lock your profile and create profiles for others in your house.

If you’re not a chrome user, is this an incentive to try it out?