Chrome OS is borrowing a Windows feature, Variable Refresh Rate

Arif Bacchus

Windows 11 has a feature known as Dynamic Refresh Rate. This lets your system choose which refresh rate is right for your PC if your monitor or built-in display supports rates higher than 60 Hz. Well, turns out that Google might be borrowing the concept and bringing it to Chrome OS, too. (Via About

The feature, known as Variable Refresh Rates on Chrome OS, is hidden behind a flag in the latest Chrome OS 101 Dev Channel update. To get to it, you can visit chrome://flags#enable-variable-refresh-rate. Once enabled, the flag explains that it will work on “capable displays.”

This is an interesting phrase, as there aren’t any Chromebooks with built-in displays that support it. It could be more catered for external displays that have high refresh rates. Anyway, the benefits of the technology are great for gaming, and web browsing. Once on, it can reduce screen tearing and stutter and make scrolling feel more natural.

It’s interesting to see such features usually associated with the Windows world trickle down to Chromebooks, too. Let us know what you think in the comments below.