Chrome OS hits Windows 7 in the latest Chrome Canary builds

Staff Writer

Chrome OS hits Windows 7 in the latest Chrome Canary builds

Chrome Canary (the dev version of Chrome that is updated frequently and has the cutting edge features) in Windows 7 now has “Chrome OS mode .” I suppose it was inevitable that it would reach Windows 7, as it was already implemented for Windows 8.

It creates a full screen environment similar to Chrome OS. You can have multiple windows of Chrome open, and launch other Chrome apps from the custom taskbar at the bottom. The Windows 7 taskbar is hidden. Additionally, you can see your Google Now notifications on the bottom right.

This has been available in Chrome for Windows 8/8.1 for a while. It was Google’s response to the “Metro mode” that every default browser in Windows 8 has. It was meant to be a touch centric interface, as you can see in the IE metro mode, but Google used it as an opportunity to have Chrome OS on Windows.

This is their Trojan horse to get people to live in their environment, and be less dependent on Windows. But it is hard to fault them, as Windows 8 offers Bing as the default search, so Google needs users to stay in Chrome to make money. Additionally, Windows RT doesn’t allow any other browser, lessening the appeal for a touch centric chrome for Google.

You can download the Canary build in the link below. Do you think this will ever reach the OSX version? Do you wish Google would make a touch centric Chrome similar to IE for metro?