Chitika: Surface tablet usage slowly climbing but Apple’s iPad continues to dominate


Chitika: Surface tablet usage climbs but Apple's iPad continues to dominate

Chitika, an advertising company, has released some stats today outlining how well the Surface tablet is doing when compared to the competition. Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which accounts for the first-generation Surface and second-generation Surface 2, currently owns a 6.5% of tablet web traffic on the ad network.

For those curious, Chitika sampled tens of millions of US and Canadian non-iPad tablet online ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network. The data used within the most recent analysis were drawn from impressions cataloged across the time frame of October 23 through November 23, 2013.

This data revealed that the Surface (Surface RT + Surface 2) accounts for 6.4% of all tablet web traffic. Google accounts for 8.2% while Samsung accounts for 29.6%. Amazon commands the tablet web traffic with 32.8%. All these stats factor up to a 20% total for non-iPad tablets. So what about the other 80%? Well, the other 80% goes to Apple’s iPad, which dominates the tablet web traffic.

The point of this data is to showcase a steady growth of the Surface tablet in terms of usage. As Chitika notes, “the early progress of the Surface 2 could be viewed as another small positive for Microsoft’s long-term tablet prospects, but the device faces a crowded competitive environment this holiday season.”

Microsoft released the Surface RT back in October 26th of 2012 and the company subsequently released the Surface 2 on October 22nd of 2013.

“Surface 2’s level of success over the next month is likely to dictate its immediate fortunes and any tactical adjustments by Microsoft,” the ad network explains.

You can read the full report by heading over to the VIA link below.