Chinese Security Firm ‘Qihoo’ to step in as official support for Windows XP


Chinese Security Firm Qihoo to step in as official support for Windows XP ends

While the world is dreading the retirement of Window XP, people in China have found some sort of relief. According to Want China Times, a leading internet security firm by the name of Qihoo has announced that it will continue providing support to the 13 year old operating system until the OS completely disappears.

Launched in 2001, Windows XP still has about 29% of the share of all desktop computers running across the globe. And although Microsoft is officially discontinuing its support and expect XP’s share to drop down to 13% by April, recent reports suggest otherwise. Microsoft is set to pull the support plug for Windows XP on April 8th.

The Chinese security firm is looking to produce a domestic operating system to replace Windows XP, but no details were given as to how they plan on accomplishing this. This is easier said than done, as 70% of the nation’s population is still running Windows XP. So how does Qihoo plan on providing support for Windows XP? Who knows! No details were given, so we’ll just have to wait and see.