A Chinese made Linux Trojan is now affecting Windows computers


A Chinese made Linux Trojan is now affecting Windows computers

You may have heard about game titles being ported from one operating system to another, but how often do you read about a malware changing routes? That’s exactly what’s happening with a Linux Trojan that has found shelter inside the Windows operating system.

Earlier this year, a set of malware designed for DDoS attacks were spotted on Linux operating system. One such malware that goes by the name “Trojan.DnsAmp.1” is now after your Windows running machines.

What’s even more fascinating is the file name it poses as. “It is installed into the system under the guise of the Windows service Test My Test Server 1.0 whose executable file is saved in the system folder under the name vmware-vmx.exe“, the security firm announces.

The file first finds shelter on a Windows running machine, and then launches signals to let the attacker know its whereabouts. The malware then waits for the further commands — upon hearing, it initiates the DDoS attack.

But that’s not all, the file can also download similar culprit programs, making the host completely vulnerable. The report also finds that this malware has been affecting China and US servers the most.

“Certain features discovered by Doctor Web’s researchers in the Trojan’s code indicate that it has been written by the virus makers behind Linux.DDoS and Linux.BackDoor.Gates malware”, the security firm says.