Chevron signs partnership deal with Microsoft for IoT and Azure

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft India

Microsoft today announced that Chevron, a global leader in the energy industry, has signed a partnership deal for IoT and Azure. Under the partnership, Chevron will gain more computing power to work on data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Chevron will be using Microsoft Azure as their primary cloud service under the multi-year partnership and will be able to digitize oil fields and also work on new technologies to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve the safety of operations. Also a part of the partnership is technical collaboration, joint innovation, and employee cross-training. Tom Keane, head of global infrastructure for Microsoft Azure remarked on the partnership:

“Chevron is a very sophisticated consumer of data, compute and IoT…While they’re excellent today at high-performance computing, the intent of this partnership is, ‘How can we bring that together with Microsoft Azure and more efficiently do oil exploration? Or more efficiently do sensor management from an offshore oil rig?”

Chevron is the latest large corporation to get on board with Microsoft’s Azure services. Last week it a new IoT partnership was announced between Microsoft and GE, with the two companies planning on “going to market together” With the cloud helping Microsoft bring in $24.5 billion in revenue for Q1 2018, things can only get brighter from here on out for the Redmond giant.