Xbox Cloud Gaming can run on a smartwatch, because why not?

Arif Bacchus

Xcloud On Smartwatch

You probably have tried Xbox Cloud gaming on Windows 10, iOS, and Android, but did you ever think it could run on a smartwatch? That’s what one YouTuber decided to try, and the results might actually surprise you.

In the roughly 7 minutes long video, you can see this YouTuber run games like GTA 5, Halo 5, and Gears 5 on a Kospet-Prime 2 Android smartwatch. Because this watch is powered by Android, the YouTuber was able to pair up his Xbox controller to the watch via Bluetooth, and access Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service via Google Chrome.

The entire library of cloud-enabled Xbox games shows up on the tiny smartwatch screen and the YouTuber. able to pinch to scroll in and zoom in to click on a game to launch it. The game then letterboxes to fit on the screen and doesn’t appear to mind the resolution and other limits of a smartwatch.

Surprisingly, the games are plenty playable, though on a tiny screen. There does seem to be a tiny bit of input lag, and some things are hard to make out, but this YouTuber is able to play these cloud-enabled Xbox games just fine on the watch without any real issues that you don’t already face on iOS or Android phones. As another surprise, he also puts away his Xbox controller and plays Dead Cells with just touch controls. The touch controls really struggle, though, and there’s a lot of input lag.

While some people might find this odd, it does prove that you can get Xbox Cloud Gaming anywhere now and that the future of cloud gaming is pretty incredible, regardless of which device you play on. We do wonder if it’s also possible to run Xbox Cloud Gaming on other devices, too, such as refrigerators that are powered by the Android operating system. Microsoft watcher Brad Sams already showed Cloud Gaming running on a Tesla, so the possibilities can be endless.

Let us know where you want to see Xbox Cloud Gaming next. Perhaps toasters? Microwaves? Sound off in the comments below, and remember to check out our Xbox news hub for all the latest Xbox news, game reviews, and features.