Check out Windows Blue build 9364 in this first look video!

Zac Bowden

WinBeta Windows Blue

Want to see what’s new in Windows Blue? Well, we’ve made a little video which will show you first hand all the new things Microsoft have been working on! These new features include better personalization, SkyDrive support, more tile sizes and a load of other awesome things! Check it out below!

The leaked build includes a few improvements over the Windows 8 RTM. Most of which are still buggy due to this build being pre-release. Windows Blue so far includes more tile sizes, better personalization, the control panel is now practically all in PC Settings and a load of other quirky features.

It is quite obvious by now that Windows Blue is better suited to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile PCs, and all it took was some tweaks and feature additions. We learned today that Windows Blue will feature changes to the core that allows for 3 or 4 apps to be snapped on screen at one time, as well as 2 or more metro apps running across multiple screens!

We do not recommend you download the leaked ISO as it is unfinished software. It could be unstable or incompatible with your hardware, you have been warned. Ok, enough words, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the video below!