Check out this tear down of Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset

Michael Cottuli

Demo of Acer Mixed Reality HEadset

Acer’s new headset for Windows Mixed Reality is out in the wild, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing some wild software getting developed for it. While we wait for the world’s brightest minds to come out with some truly interesting stuff, we can watch them pick apart the hardware for our amusement.

Shachar Wis of “Packet39” has recently gotten one of these headsets and decided to take it apart and show us the inner workings. Perhaps meaningless to the consumers, but for the hardware geeks and developers among us, it’s a really neat deep dive.

You can take a look at every bit of the headset here, from where the serial number is painted on to where the circuitry is held. The head set definitely doesn’t look like a particularly sophisticated piece of technology when it’s broken up into a hunk of plastic, but that’s fairly normal when you take apart most technology.

The headset is currently only available in a developer capacity, but you should keep your eye out for a potential move towards consumer-focused headsets.