Check out this fan-made Surface Phone render based on recent patent drawings

Arif Bacchus

We’ve seen Surface Phone renders before, but given the latest patents for the rumored device, one designer decided to create some renders of his own with the patent as a reference. The renders are truly beautiful, and are all the work of David Breyer, a self-proclaimed “designer at heart.”

We would not necessarily call this an exact 100% render of all the tech described in the recent Microsoft patent, but one can still see the edge to edge displays and folding nature of the device, as well as a USB C port. There’s also a closer look at the workings of the hinge, and an on-screen image expanding across the two displays, similar to an illustration in the original patent. Interestingly, the renders show off an edge panel and support for the Surface Pen, which the original patents don’t necessarily make mention of.

There’s even renders in the colors of the Surface Laptop, and another render shows the device fully closed, with no screen on the outside, reminiscent of a Nintendo 3DS. Again, this is nothing but a fan-made render, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. We hope Surface Phone may come to life soon, but for now, Windows 10 Mobile fans will have to keep on dreaming and creating on other devices.