Check out this epic Surface Phone Fluent Design concept video

Brad Stephenson

Surface Phone concept video

An artist by the name of Amir Estefad has created a rather impressive concept video of a Surface Phone running on Windows 10 Mobile with the new Fluent Design visual aesthetic. It’s a rather short video but does a great job of showing what a new mobile phone from Microsoft could look like as well as the potential of the Windows 10 operating system. Take a look.

Microsoft still hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of a Surface Phone however there have been several instances over the past year where employees at the company have stated that they are working on an evolution of the mobile concept, one that would dramatically change the smartphone retail landscape in much the same way that the Surface devices evolved the concept of the laptop and tablet.

More recently, the name, Surface Mobile, has leaked as have details regarding a new version of the mobile operating system which is apparently codenamed “Andromeda.”

Would you buy a Surface Phone or Mobile from Microsoft if it launches in 2017 or 2018? Let us know in the comments below.