This cool Windows 11 portal gives a behind the scenes look at the new OS

Arif Bacchus

You already know it. Windows 11 is out for beta testing in both the Beta and Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program right now. But did you ever wonder what went into developing the operating system? That’s what a cool Windows 11 portal is offering a look at.

There’s a couple of videos on this portal that you Windows Insiders might find interesting. One video is from Panos Panay, thanking Windows Insiders and discussing how feedback shaped Windows 11. Another video showcases a look at the story behind the new touch keyboard, voice typing, and tablet posture experiences. And a third talks about the accessibility in Windows 11.

Other videos on the Windows 11 portal get into the Widgets feature, and some of Microsoft employees’ favorite Windows 11 features. There’s even a set of videos offering an inside look at the redesigned Taskbar and Start Menu and the inclusivity of Windows.

Overall, this Windows 11 portal is pretty nice. It offers a grand view of WIndows 11 for those who are interested in beta testing the new Microsoft operating system. Check it out now and let us know what you think!