Check out these hands on videos with Minecraft Earth for a closer look at the newest Minecraft experience

Jonny Caldwell

While Minecraft Dungeons seems to be limited to beefier consoles and Windows 10 devices at the moment, that’s not to say that mobile phones are left out. Minecraft Earth will bring a new perspective to the vanilla game on iOS and Android devices, and we mean that quite literally.

Hands-on demos of the game were featured at the E3 2019 event last week, which showed off a couple of YouTubers, Strawburry17 and Graser, taking a look at the game themselves. As can be seen in the video below, buildings and other structures can be placed on top of a real-world object, such as a table, and then scaled to real-world size allowing users to move around and explore the virtual blocky world as though they are actually in it.

And if you think this is just going to be some lame AR game with no Survival mode or game challenges, think again. The second video below shows that hostile mobs are no less aggressive in AR than they are inside your phone. Animals will still see you, and the entire mining, crafting, building, and even gardening experience are all included in Minecraft Earth.

If you’re as excited about the game as we are, you can sign up to try the closed beta starting this summer on the Minecraft Earth website. Of course, you’ll have to have a Microsoft account to sign up, as well as a device running either Android 7.0 (Nougat)  or iOS 10 or better. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game below.