Check out these business apps from Office 365 Business Center

Mark Coppock

The Microsoft Business Center is a collection of Office 365 apps to help small businesses be more efficient and effective. All of the apps live in the cloud or via apps, and the idea is to provide businesses with a set of easily accessible tools that require the minimum setup and support.

The following video provides a highlight of the apps that are included:

And here’s a list:

  • Business Center: Start here to access each of the tools.
  • Microsoft Listings: Use this tool to get your business visible on Facebook, Google, and Bing. It’s only available to an Office 365 global admin.
  • Outlook Customer Manager: This Outlook Add-in makes it easier to track business contacts and communications.
  • Connections: Build customer loyalty and add new customers by sending and tracking customer referrals.
  • Invoicing: A mobile app allowing businesses to send professional invoices to customers.
  • Bookings: Online and mobile app for publishing a corporate appointment calendar that customers can access and book their own appointments.
  • Business contacts: A system-side collection of contacts.
  • Business profile: Your Business profile and Organization profile remain in sync so that changes to one propagate to the other.

Microsoft continues to strive to provide solid productivity solutions to all of its customers, be they individuals, small businesses, or the enterprise. Let us know in the comments how you think they’re doing in helping your organization be more productive.