Check out these beautiful interior spaces from the new Microsoft House in Milan, Italy

Laurent Giret

A week ago, Microsoft Italy inaugurated the Microsoft House in Milan, its new headquarters located in a building of Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli in the district of Porta Volta. Designed by architects Herzog & De Meuron, the new vessel is characterized by transparency, vast open spaces and beautiful furnitures.

Fubiz, a popular website covering the latest news about art and design, has just published several pictures of the cozy new offices, designed by French agency DEGW. You can find some of these pictures below, and you’ll probably notice some Surface Hubs being used in different meeting rooms:

Microsoft House Milan 1
Yes, it seems that Microsoft employees use this ping pong table for both work and play (credit: Fubiz).
Microsoft House Milan 2
This meeting room has an 84-inch Surface Hub (credit: Fubiz).
Microsoft House Milan 3
Some meeting rooms are close to open spaces (credit: Fubiz).
Microsoft House Milan 4
This other open space looks quite futuristic (credit: Fubiz).
Microsoft House Milan 5
There looks to be a smaller Surface Hub in this room (credit: Fubiz).
Microsoft House Milan 6
This meeting room reminds you that the Microsoft House is located in the heart of Milan.

Of course, having beautiful offices is a good way to attract and retain talent, but the Microsoft Italy has much bigger ambitions for the Microsoft House. Carlo Purassanta, Country General Manager of Microsoft Italy, explained on LinkedIn that the new headquarters was “a place to show and spread the benefits offered by digital technologies, a space for young people who want to develop themselves through continuous growth, as well as a permanent workshop where anyone can understand the future of technology and envision ways to strengthen Italian economic and social growth.”

If you live in Milan, we invite you to check the dedicated Microsoft House website to learn more about the location, upcoming events and various services for customers, partners, students, startups, nonprofit organizations and more.