Check out the new Halo Infinite Winter Update Maps & Modes Preview

Robert Collins

You can tell that Halo Infinite’s Winter Update draws ever nearer to release. Just last week we were treated to a preview of the Winter Update courtesy of developer 343 Industries. As we reported, the preview focused on some of the most eagerly anticipated features coming with the Winter Update—specifically campaign co-op mode and Forge mode.

Now, we get a brand new preview giving us a look at the new multiplayer maps and mode that will arrive with November 8th’s big update. Let’s dive into the two new maps first.


Screenshot of Argyle in Halo Infinite

One of the first multiplayer maps built entirely with Forge, Argyle is set within the tight corridors of a UNSC vessel. Confined and symmetrical, Argyle should make for a competitive arena environment.


Screenshot of Halo Infinite map Detachment

Another Forge-built multiplayer map, Detachment is also a symmetrical arena map. This abandoned UNSC research facility is set atop a rocky outcropping and blends indoor and outdoor spaces. It should suit a variety of play styles and gameplay modes.

New multiplayer mode: Covert One Flag

This new mode is a round-based variant of one-flag CTF. It features asymmetric team loadouts for attackers and defenders. For example, Attackers are equipped with Active Camo to help infiltrate the enemy defenses. While Defenders have Threat Sensors to help locate the intruders. Teams swap roles with each round, and the team with the most round victories wins the match.

Halo Infinite fans: what has you most excited for the upcoming Halo Infinite Winter Update? Let us know about it in the comments. And for more on this preview, check out the video below.

Via Pure Xbox. 

Featured image via Halo Waypoint.