Check out Microsoft Bingo and Ruzzle apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT


Check out Microsoft Bingo and Ruzzle apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT

Straight out of Microsoft Studios is a new app called Microsoft Bingo. This app is a free-to-play, travel-themed take on a classic game of Bingo. This app is fun, community oriented, and works on both Windows 8.1 and Windows RT. Microsoft Bingo was recently released – making it a relatively brand new app for Windows users.

“Travel the globe as you play your way through a variety of exotic locales and extraordinary settings. From Parisian cafes to the silvery waves of the Great Barrier Reef, Microsoft Bingo lets you see the sights as you fill your card. Earn Flight Points to level up and unlock exciting new locations to visit. Play in each location to collect an array of souvenirs, earning you special awards as you complete your souvenir collections,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Chat and play with fellow Microsoft Bingo fans from around the world!
  • Enhance your game with special power-ups that double your rewards, highlight drawn numbers, and more!
  • Travel the globe to visit ten different exotic locations!
  • Play as a Guest, or sign in with your Xbox account to access special features!
  • Win big with Powerball bets!
  • Take part in weekly Community Challenges!
  • Win Luggage by performing feats, and unlock them for surprise rewards!
  • Earn special rewards by collecting souvenirs from the four corners of the Earth!

On the other hand, you have a puzzle game called Ruzzle available in the Windows Store. “Ruzzle is a free, fun and fast-paced word game. Challenge your friends or random players to find as many words as possible in two minutes. You create words from a given set of letters just by swiping your finger across the screen,” the app description reads.

Ruzzle is a game that is played in three rounds and has you creating long words and collecting points to win. You can even earn bonus points. The app features lovely audio and appealing animations to make the experience even better. There are over 40 million players on Ruzzle, according to the app description. The app is available as a free trial but normally runs for $3.49.

Hit the download links below to snag both of these apps. Let us know if you like them!