Check out Darkdawn Encounters for Windows 8.1, a 3D game of tactical starship combat


Check out Darkdawn Encounters for Windows 8.1, a 3D game of tactical starship combat

New to the Windows Store is a game called Darkdawn Encounters, a game of 3D tactical starship combat. Fight off multiple enemies as you angle your shields to meet the onslaught, and return fire with your own powerful weapon batteries.

“Darkdawn: Encounters has been designed to provide deep, tactical space combat while still being streamlined for short play sessions and touch controls. You are a starship captain, and quick decisions will serve you better than twitchy fingers as you take command of a massive Rampart-class battleship. But make no mistake, this is no “tap and watch” game; it’s your hands on the controls, captain,” the app description reads.

You can outfit your ship with secondary armaments such as missiles and particle beams, and install advanced equipment, like engine boosters and the exotic overshield. Once you have your ship outfitted the way you want, head into battle and take on the enemy. 

This game features 3D tactical space combat and has gorgeous visuals. You can be the captain of warships, cruisers, and battleships against an enemy fleet. The app is universal and supports touch controls, mouse and keyboard, as well as support for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

The app is available for $0.99 right now as part of an early access program. You can play a few scenarios right now to help support the game’s development. One the story campaign is added, the price is expected to go up to $1.99.

Take a look at the app in action below. Hit the download link below to snag the app for Windows 8.1. We’ve also added the download link for the Windows Phone version.