Check out Battle Bears Gold, bringing console-like FPS to tablets


Battle Bears Gold main page

First person shooters on tablets were once a dream for hardcore gamers, but now we have many available on tablets. That’s why today we will showcase the Battle Bears Gold app developed by SkyVu. The title is an online multiplayer shooter game, and like all FPS games, you have the ability to customize 8 classes with tons of wacky weapons and equipment to battle others online. Wall Street Journal has described this game “a cross between COD and TMNT”.

Battle Bears Gold has received many awards for its game that is very console-like. It includes HD graphics, several game modes, a wide variety of classes, and a ton of combinations. The game, developed, by SkyVu allows you to also play multiplayer in a private lobby, allowing you to go up against friends only.

The game was available a while back ago, and has just received an update recently. The update includes new class, new weapons, new skins, new maps, and new features. It has a rating of 4 stars from 1,872 people, and has won the Best App Ever Award for 2013. 

The app only takes up 250 MB of your storage and is free of charge, the download link has been provided below. Try it out and tell us if you like how SkyVu make FPS the same experience on tablets as it does on consoles.