Check out this official uniquely designed Microsoft Band 2 charging stand

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft has released a uniquely designed charging stand for the Microsoft Band 2 which give users the ability to not only charge the wearable device, but it can serve several other purposes such as a table clock, etc. The new charging stands costs $19.99 and is readily available from the Microsoft Store. It’s also worth mentioning that the package only includes the charging stand, you have to use the cable and obviously the Band 2, which came with your device.
Band 2 Charging Stand
Microsoft said on the official product page:

Keep your Microsoft Band 2 on display as it charges with this uniquely designed charging stand that also doubles as a snazzy table clock. This stylishly designed charging stand helps with cable management and doubles as a beautiful table clock. It features magnetized adhesion which makes it easy to remove and re-attach the charging cable. When in use, the charging cable tucks away from view tangle-free. And the weight and rubberized base keeps everything nice and stable as your Band recharges in lavish comfort.

At first sight, it looks quite attractive and may serve a lot of purposes while the wearable is being charged. It’s rubber base and weight keeps the stand stable especially when the Band 2 is charging.
Let us know if you’re interested in picking up the charging stand for your Microsoft Band 2. Head over here to check it out at the online Microsoft Store.