Check out these expensive diamond encrusted Lumia 950 covers

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft has partnered with the Italian jewelery company Damiani to launch extra luxurious cases for the Lumia 950 with gold ring and ten diamonds around it, giving it a really premium look (via Windows Central). The covers come in black and white color options with a numbered gold plate to show that there are only 99 pieces. The limited edition covers will cost a fortune, carrying a €1,950 EUR price tag ( around $2175 and £1500). At the moment, the prestigious cases are only available in Italy through Daminani’s stores in Rome and Milan.

Damiani Lumia
Damiani Lumia case

(image via Instagram)

Damiani’s Giorgio Damiani said,

“We are so particularly proud to offer our customers a phone that has the ability to turn into a jewel for life as well a an after sales service dedicated to our partner for clients that buy the smartphone.”

The cases may catch the eye, but I doubt a normal Windows Phone user will ever think about spending such a high amount on a case for its smartphone. It’s worth almost four times more than the smartphone itself and is only for people who really can afford to spend this much on a case.